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Hmmm… Let me see how can I describe myself. ‘The biggest clown at the party called life, passionately engaged in the process of making myself fit for an entertaining bestseller autobiography!‘ That’s what I have been going around with. Kinda sums it up well.

I’ve got my hands dirty (literally) with a lot of things from engineering and business management to blogging, photography, travelling, being a social critic (just liked that name! :P), social media addict, MS-Painter blah blah… I am teaching myself filmmaking, journalism and a bit of French! 😀 Well, since I am teaching myself, we’ve a perfect combination of a lazy student and a lazy teacher! So nothing really happens there.

Life is a party and I am going around shaking a leg (actually both!) and tasting the various food and drinks, to find the best one before I settle down somewhere.

Join me in this exploration! 🙂 I will keep this page updated with my latest pursuits as the list expands… Meanwhile, look forward to details on this site in the form of Yarns (stories), Verses (poetries), Verdicts (reviews) and Glimpses (photos)!

Cheers! Enjoy the party! … And thanks for visting 🙂

hnshyam HN Shyamhnshyam HN Shyam

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