Confessions of a Depressed Mind

None of you can understand my feelings;

Coz it’s proven that empathy eludes happy minds.

My world is entirely different from yours;

Here hope is feared and inebriation cures.


I do not see any light at the end of the tunnel;

Coz mine seems to be nothing but an endless ordeal.

There are many turns and bends in my tunnel;

But no big leap can inch me closer to that medal.


An expression I no longer use is the smile;

Every second I’m busy travelling hundreds of mind-miles.

My mental blocks can never fall in place;

Coz there are too many blocks and many more slots.


I never managed to become a celebrity;

But every eye stares at me; every spoken word is about me.

I too was a true believer in God like you boys

Until I found that cruelty of life was immune to my choice.


My story is most often found in poetry;

Coz prose can’t hold the burden of sorrow that I carry.

I know that I am wrong in whatever I state,

For I have not been right about anything off late.


But at the end of all this, a profound truth I realise;

That there is no ship that death cannot capsize.

If death is the result of every game, played however well;

Then why continue to rent my head for this devil to dwell?




8 thoughts on “Confessions of a Depressed Mind

  1. >I like the way you've expressed the thoughts and views that go on in a mind that has faced a lot of hard truths in life. And I really admire the way you've put these in the form of poetry – I know it's not so easy to frame these lines and verses and rhythm to express the main concern out here. You've done it very well! Hope to read more from you..

    — Venice πŸ™‚

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