For The Departed Friend

Like the wave of cold breeze

Touching the face of a weary Bedouin

You touched my arid life, like

A fountain of elixir, to give it life.

I thanked God for sending me

His choicest angel to lift my spirits.

To pull me up from deep fathom

Of dread, despondency and despair.

You became the music

That rang through the opera called my life.

You filled it with joy

And then you taught me how to smile.

Now when I have learnt to smile

And enjoy life, the way you always showed me.

You go away, far away,

Beyond the reaches of my sight.

God, it is unfair what you did

You had the trump cards, yet you cheated.

You missed your friend-the angel

So you snatched the light away from me.

Even Gods are jealous

For they crave for a friend like you.

This very divine selfishness

That has left me deserted in bereavement.

But fear not, my friend

The light that you left behind in me will never suffer

With teary eyes, I do swear

No darkness can enter my heart, where you shall live forever…


(7 Mar 2011)

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